Inclusive Play

What’s the ideal playground? A space that is exciting, challenging, and helps kids of all ages and abilities play together.

Designing an inclusive playground—a space where children with and without special needs can have fun—is easier with an experienced partner. From equipment selection to layout and installation, Webber Rec will help you build the ideal inclusive playground for your community.

Will my playground be ADA compliant?

Webber Rec works with you to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), from equipment selection to layout of equipment.

Your space will encourage all children to play by:

  • Providing a graduated range of play challenges and multi-sensory experiences
  • Offering equipment for multiple age groups and abilities
  • Offering cozy, quiet retreat spaces
  • Grouping similar equipment together
  • Ensuring safety and accessibility with shock-absorbing surfacing, wide movement routes, and smooth transitions on and off equipment
  • Offering spaces for solitary, onlooker, parallel, associative, and cooperative play
  • Providing a wayfinding system that includes an orientation path, plus perimeter paths and fences

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